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Monday, 13 April 2015

Review of How I Wonder What You Are by Jane Lovering

How I Wonder What You Are by Jane Lovering
“Maybe he wasn’t here because of the lights – maybe they were here because of him …”
It’s been over eighteen months since Molly Gilchrist has had a man (as her best friend, Caro, is so fond of reminding her) so when she as good as stumbles upon one, lying comatose, on the moors one bitterly cold morning, it seems like the Universe is having a laugh at her expense.
But Phinn Baxter (that’s Doctor Phinneas Baxter) is no drunken layabout, as Molly is soon to discover; with a PhD in astrophysics and a tortured past that is a match for Molly’s own disastrous love life.

Molly and Phinn are both trying to escape from their respective problems and are eventually drawn to each other by mysterious lights over the moors which only they can see, however each must try and untangle the bonds that are tying them to their pasts before they can attempt to look at the future. Their friends Caro and Link do their best to bring them together but their interference backfires somewhat and questions arise as to whether the friendship between Phinn and Link is quite how it seems. Will they be able to face their fears and find themselves again? And will they ever find out the secret behind the mysterious lights in the night sky?

This book was a delight to read, I loved the beautiful cover and was immediately drawn to that and the story did not disappoint. I quite often found myself grinning at my kindle at some of the funny comments that the characters came out with, the scene is set with the introduction of the characters including Stan the horse and then gradually we find out what has made Molly and Phinn act the way they do. Secrets are revealed which puts a strain on the relationships between both sets of friends and these need to be worked through and resolved. The book has a lovely sense of humour about it but there are some darker moments and quite a hair raising sequence towards the end which caused me to hold my breath. Reading this book was like lying in a bubbly bath with a scented candle and a glass of wine, thoroughly relaxing and enjoyable.

Thanks to Net Galley and Choc Lit for letting me review.
Available on ebook now and published in paperback in May 2015 

Sincerely Book Angel

About the Author

Jane was born in Devon and now lives in Yorkshire. She has five children, four cats and two dogs! She works in a local school and also teaches creative writing. Jane is a member of the Romantic Novelists’ Association and has a first class honours degree in creative writing.
Jane writes romantic comedies which are often described  as ‘quirky’.
 Her debut Please Don’t Stop the Music won the 2012 Romantic Novel of the Year and the Best Romantic Comedy Novel award from the Romantic Novelists’ Association.

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