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Sunday, 5 April 2015

A Review of Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

"Who are you? What have we done to each other?"

Gone Girl is a very suspenseful, mysterious book about a 'perfect' couple's marriage turning very sour. It begins on the morning of Nick and Amy's fifth wedding anniversary, where we see Amy acting like a loving wife and Nick simply questioning their marriage.

Our first impression of Nick is a man whose life is going downhill fast while Amy seems like a positive woman trying to look on the bright side of everything but always being torn down by Nick's negativity. Now that I've finished the book i feel like throughout the whole thing i was being tricked and conned too. I was thinking the worst of Nick until I finally realised what was really going on.

Towards the middle of the book each chapter would change my opinion on the characters. And surprisingly even when it was clear who was to blame I still wasn't entirely sure who I was hoping would win the fight for innocence.

I especially loved how Nick repeats the thoughts he had at the beginning again at the very end as if deep down he'd known it all from the start.

I would definitely recommend this book as it was a very unique read and left me wanting to read more of Gillian Flynn's work.

 Misha's Angel

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