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Sunday, 26 April 2015

Blog Tour: A Robot In The Garden by Deborah Install

Author: Deborah Install
Title: A Robot In The Garden
Publisher: DoubleDay
Publication Date: 23rd April 2015
Buy Link: Amazon

About the Book

Amy and Ben are surprised to find a robot in their garden, Amy hates it and thinks that Ben should throw it in the tip but Ben is intrigued and wants to find out more. He discovers that the robot has a broken part and decides to make it his quest to find out who built it and whether they can fix it. He finds some clues engraved on the robot and that it's name is Tang, then embarks on an incredible journey which leads to a friendship of a lifetime.


The main quality of this book is it's originality. The thought of a world with Robots and Androids isn't really that far fetched especially when you consider how far technology has come. However for a robot to have a personality seems more unusual and I loved the fact that Tang developed a very endearing personality with lots of quirks that made me laugh. I also did have a moment with my bottom lip trembling because of a lovely sentiment on page 168.

Ben didn't really have much ambition in his life especially since his parents had died and so Tang provided him with something different to focus on. However, this unexpected situation highlighted problems in the relationship between Ben and Amy, their completely different reactions to Tang seemed to be the final straw and while this enabled them to see each other for who they really were, it also provided an opportunity for them to subsequently take a good look at themselves.

The book also provides a lot of food for thought at the way humans are in general and the way they treat others, for instance inequality featured greatly as there was an hierarchy in this world of artificial intelligence where the robots were considered inferior to Androids. They were segregated and not allowed in certain places and Tang's humiliation at these times was palpable.

This book of unconditional friendship is so unique that I have a feeling it is destined for great things. I could really see it being made into a film and thoroughly recommend it to anyone who enjoys something a little bit different.

See below to find out what Deborah chose for her robot name.

About the Author

Deborah Install

Deborah Install has worked as a website copywriter. Her debut novel, A Robot in the Garden, is inspired by her own young son. She lives in Birmingham with her family where she bakes good cakes and writes even better books.

We asked Deborah some questions which she very kindly answered for us.

If you had a robot what is the one thing you would like it to do?

"I think the one thing I'd like a robot to be able to do is sit with me in my office and talk me down if I get paranoid and/or anxious. My husband does a fantastic job but I'd be interested to see what robot logic would say."

What would your robot name be?

"The robot question was really hard! The name that kept floating across my head was Shiny Happy Humanoid, or 'Shhuma' for short."

Our chart below based on your initials makes your robot name 'Dent Intellobot.'
"Hehe, love it. I love Dent Intellobot more than the one I came up with."

Thank you so much for joining us on our blog today Deborah and thanks to Ben Willis and Doubleday Publishing for allowing us to review this book.

To our lovely Blog visitors, just for fun, we wondered what your robot name would be. So please feel free to leave a comment with your robot name using your initials on the chart below. Or you can always make up your own.

Sincerely Book Angels 

Robot Name Chart

A   Angelbot
N   Nanobot
B   Bolt
O   Orbitron
C   Clank
P    Prang
D   Dent
Q   Q-Tron
E   Electron
R   Rusty
F   Fuse
S   Socket
G  Gigabot
T   Tin
H  Hybrid
U   Ultron
I   Intellobot
V   Velocity
J   Junk
W  Waste-Bot
K   Kinetik
X   X-Ray
L   Laminator
Y   Yazzoo
M  Megabot
Z   Zapp

Book Angel (Bolt Angelbot) x x

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