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Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Review of Bridesmaids by Jane Costello

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After meeting Jane Costello at a Books in the City Blogger Evening, and hearing her read an hilarious extract from her new book 'The Love Shack' I knew that I was going to love her books and wondered why I had never read any before, especially as she is a fellow Liverpudlian  So I decided to read the whole back catalogue starting with Bridesmaids.

The book follows the journey of 27 year old reporter Evie who seems destined to always be the bridesmaid for a close succession of friends and family's weddings. Evie has never been in love and although she has had plenty of relationships, they have been very shortlived and most of her ex's are also, to her embarrassment, guests at the weddings. However one good looking man finally catches her eye and her heart but sadly he is actually her friend's plus one.

Will she ever find that perfect relationship that everyone else seems to have found? Or is she destined to always be a 'pretty in pastel' wedding guest?

Jane Costello seems to write with such ease and has managed to create a fast paced, light hearted look at the life of a constant bridesmaid. I loved the book and laughed out loud at some of the situations that Evie managed to find herself in, especially the totally embarrassing scene on the hen night, in fact I attracted some very strange looks from other passengers when I got to that bit as I was on the train at the time. It was totally hilarious.

After reading this book I feel like I have been away for a weekend with the girls where we have had lots of, tears, regrets, confessions and best of all an absolutely fab time.

I can't wait to read the next one and the next one and the one after that....

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