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Monday, 17 April 2017

My Favourite Things by Sue Fortin, Author

So hard to choose but I'm going to say The Godfather films. They are so much more than just a gangster film. There's a whole narrative and sub-narrative to the films which spans all three parts. I love it also, that the same cast appeared throughout the films and it really was a family affair, right down to the production team and cast.

Author - I'm a big fan of Chris Kuzneski. I enjoy the adventure, the action and theories in his books. In particular I like his books where Payne and Jones are the lead characters.

Holiday destination
France. We have a cottage in Southern Brittany which we have been renovating over the years. It's such a peaceful and relaxing place to go, we love it there.

I think Karen Brady is a great role model for me when I need my business head on, when I'm working and weighing up how to deal with things and strategies to adopt.

Place to write
In my office or at the kitchen table in France. Both places, I have the space and time to think about writing without any distractions. France especially has no distractions due to the lack of internet.

I love all the seasons but I think my favourite is Autumn. I adore seeing the colour of the leaves change and the fact that the mornings are fresh, yet the sun is shining.

Inspirational quote
Life is on the other side of fear. I often refer to that and try not to let my fear of doing something hold me back as quite often, it's not as scary as I thought.

I live in West Sussex with my husband and four children, where I write mystery, suspense and romance.
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