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Friday, 3 February 2017

Spring Blogger Evening 2017

Last night I went to my third Spring Blogger Event which was held at Simon & Schuster headquarters.

Pic credit Sara-Jade Virtue
We were greeted by the lovely organiser of the event Sara-Jade and given name badges, then looked after by the fab team at Books and the City.
Welcome drinks were very unusual and included elderflower, cucumber and rhubarb (not all at once,) they were like mocktails and delicious.

The first time I went to one of these events I didn't know a soul so it was lovely to meet up with lots of now familiar faces from the blogging world who I really enjoy spending time with.
Lovely Linda showing off her gorgeous Book Bag

After a little mingling we were led through to the meeting room where our lovely authors were all sitting at the top table.
Editor Jo Dickinson introduced us to:-
Alice Peterson, A Song for Tomorrow, see my review here.
Dani Atkins, This Love.
Milly Johnson, The Queen of Wishful Thinking
Kate Furnivall, The Betrayal (which is not available yet so here is Kate's previous book The Liberation)
Juliet Ashton, The Woman at Number 24
Sarah Vaughan, Anatomy of a Scandal (not available yet so here is Sarah's previous book The Farm on the Edge of the World.

Jo started with an ice-breaker which involved the authors giving us two truths and one lie about themselves, some of the more unusual answers were someone who worked in a hotel and was paid by a rich American to dress as a ghost to impress his wife. This was Milly Johnson and it was true. Dani Atkins told a story about seeing a ghost cat when she moved into a house, she then admitted it was her lie but then shockingly told us it had actually happened to her husband. It was a great way to start the event. Jo then did a Q and A asking questions such as what made the authors get into writing and what advice they could give to aspiring writers.

After this the corks started popping and we were given a very heavy goody bag laden with fabulous books and other little treats, including a 'Prosecco bubbles' flavoured lipscrub and lipbalm from Pura cosmetics which taste delicious. You can buy them from here.

We were then invited to have some Prosecco and then meet the authors and have our books signed. It was lovely chatting to the authors, some I met for the first time and some I have got to know really well over the last couple of years.
Milly and Me x

There were lots of delicious cupcakes which matched each of the books and some other nibbles. We had time for a little more mingling and then it was time to say goodbye.

I would like to say a huge thanks to SJ for organising another fabulous evening and to all the team at BATC for looking after us so well.

I would also like to say a thank you to Jess Barrett who upon hearing I had a dog, gave me a copy of Lily and the Octopus and has assured me I will need a mansize box of tissues when I read it.
Buy it here.

Another fabulous Books and the City event.
Book Angel x


  1. It was so good to see you again and thanks for including me and my new bag in your lovely post.

    1. Well deserved appearance. Thanks linda see you soon X