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Sunday, 5 February 2017

My Favourite Things by Adele Parks, Author

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Food; Savoury and sweet

I’m a big fan of pasta! I spent a year in Italy when I was just 21, teaching English and I became seriously hooked. Besides being yummy and versatile, it’s easy to prepare which is a great thing for me as I’m not a brilliant cook; I don’t have the required patience or precision, at least not when it comes to cooking – I think I must use up my dose of those virtues writing. I’m not especially sweet toothed and usually skip pudding (too full after my plate full of carbs!) but I do like the occasional Ferrero Rocher chocolate.


Until very recently I’d have answered champagne. I’ve been a noisy advocate of drinking fizz for longer than I care to remember. Champers always says ‘good times’, so I started to drink it on non-special occasions to trick myself into thinking everything is special. Which, actually, it is - if you want it to be. However, recently my lust for bubbles is waning. My latest favourite tipple is margarita. I don’t quite know what made me switch; I think I like the theatre of preparing cocktails.


My favourite film is My Fair Lady. I love a musical and Audrey Hepburn is just a delight to watch. Watching her is like breathing in all that’s good in the world: kindness, promise, humour, grace. Besides, the story line is surprisingly profound, if you think about it. I went to see La La Land recently and loved that. I’m really excited that musicals are becoming cool as I’ve always believed!


I could never pick just one favourite book. My feelings towards books change depending on what’s going on in my life when I read them. I have re-read books that I thought I loved and, disappointingly, not found the same passion for them second time around. Conversely, I’ve given books a second chance at a different time of my life and found I loved them. I guess that’s the amazing thing about books, it’s the reader who finishes them because each reader brings his or her experiences, emotions and values to a novel. It’s quite magical.


Currently, I’m mad about Liane Moriarty. I only started to read her work last October (I don’t know what took me so long!) and since I’ve read everything she’s written. I love her work. She’s interested in drawing complete and believable characters who are presented with flaws and all; that’s what I’ve always prided myself on.


I think my favourite character is Emma from Jane Austen’s novel from the same title. She’s so horribly wrong at times but always means well. It’s thrilling when she develops and finally gets the ending she deserves. 

Holiday destination

Somewhere new! The world is a big and fantastic place so my favourite holiday destination is always somewhere I haven’t been before. I realise this sometimes leads to disappointment but at least it’s always an experience and that is more valuable and interesting than anything else.


My favourite animal is my cat, Lilac. I like giraffes too but I don’t have one as a pet ;-)

Place to write

I mostly write in my office (a converted bedroom in our house). I’m incredibly productive there and I have everything I need. However, in my head, my favourite place to write would be looking out on an exotic beach somewhere. I realise in real life that’s probably pretty impractical, I’d get sand in my keyboard and the sun would make the screen unreadable.


In our family we always have birthday cake for breakfast even though it makes us feel pretty sick sometimes. I still love the tradition because it is silly and somehow defiant.

Inspirational quote

“Success is not final. Failure is not fatal. It’s the courage to continue that counts.” Winston Churchill.

Thing in the whole world

My favourite thing in the whole world, by a long mile, is my family.

Author Bio: 

Adele Parks has published 17 bestselling novels, her latest The Stranger in my Home is already an eBook #1 and is to be published in paperback on February 9th. The Stranger in My Home is the story of two families who discover they brought each other’s child home from hospital. This discovery is made when the girls are fifteen years old, throwing both families into emotional turmoil.
Thank you so much for joining us Adele.

Book Angel x

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