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Sunday, 30 October 2016

My FavouriteThings by Kitty French, Author

Food Savoury and sweet
I’m a red meat girl! A good rare steak is the way to my heart. I’ve got a massive sweet tooth too though, so anything that includes the word chocolate instantly gets my vote.

In my ideal world I’d drink champagne every evening! In my real world though, I look forward to a good G&T at the end of the day.

That’s tricky! I’ve recently seen the new Bridget Jones movie, and it reminded me how much I love all of the films in the series.

Going back to Bridget Jones, I can honesty say that those books made me laugh out loud and still do now when I re-read them. I love all of Caitlin Moran’s books too, and am a die hard Jilly Cooper fan. My beloved go-to book if I’m stressed is My Family & Other Animals by Gerald Durrell, totally absorbing and gently humour that soothes me.

I kind of covered that, but I’ll add american authors Janet Evanovich, Charlaine Harris Jenny Crusie to the list too.

Well, who doesn’t love Rupert Campbell-Black? ;) But I’ll also say Eric Northman from Charlaine Harris’s Sookie Stackhouse series. The sexiest vampire ever, hands down!

Holiday destination
We honeymooned in Paris, and it was perfect in every possible way. :)

We have cats and I love them, but I hanker after a dog. Preferably a little brown lab boy called Chester, not that I’ve thought about it too much or anything!

I’m a homebody, and am at my happiest surrounded by my family. My husband, our kids. They make my world turn.

Place to write
I only ever write at home. I’ve tried to write in the library or a coffee shop, but am too nosy and easily distracted!

I love the snow, so winter.

I love Christmas, and the day itself is super busy and full of noise and fun. I love Boxing Day best of all though - we have a tradition to visit no one and have no visitors at all. We build a fire, stay in out PJ’s and graze all day on nice food and play with the kids toys all day. Movies, chocolate, candles, wine. I can’t wait!

Thing in the whole world
Honestly? Feeling unworried. It’s so rare, but you know those moments when you don’t feel stressed about everything and everyone and feel content and just happy? Those moments.

Kitty French lives in the midlands with her husband, their two young sons and two crazy cats. She is a romance junkie; she loves to watch it, read it, and most of all to write it. She’s happiest with her laptop on her knees and a G&T on the table.


Melody Bittersweet & The Girls’ Ghostbusting Agency - A paranormal romantic comedy about life, love and…ghosts!

Thanks so much for joining us today Kitty, this is the perfect choice for Halloween.

Book Angel x

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