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Sunday, 2 October 2016

My Favourite Things by Isabelle Broom, Author

Food (savoury and sweet)
I love cheese, of pretty much any kind. I even like Primula with prawns, which I squeeze straight into my mouth from the tube like a big gross goon. I’m not the biggest fan of sweet stuff, to be honest, but my flatmate does make a mean Chocolate Guinness Cake.

Oh, red wine all day every day. That sounds terrible! I do drink lots of water, too – I promise.

Oh, there are so many. I do love a good classic, such as Dirty Dancing. I went to watch it on a rooftop cinema over the summer with my friends and that was just amazing. We had blankets, deckchairs, glasses of Aperol Spritz and Patrick Swayze's gorgeous body to drool over – it was perfection.

I read SO many books, but my favourite so far this year has been Miss You by Kate Eberlen. I absolutely LOVED it!

JK Rowling is a genius, and can seemingly write any genre, which is just incredible. She could just sit at home in a big bath full of money, but instead she continues to raise the bar with one excellent story after the other. She’s a goddess!

Ron Weasley from the Harry Potter books is a big favourite of mine. Tall: tick. Ginger: tick. Wand skills: tick. GSOH: tick. I have a huge crush on Rupert Grint, too, who played Ron in the films. Rupert, if you’re reading this, consider it a proposal. (I’m that mad bird who once had peroxide hair.)

Anything by the mighty McFly – I’m beyond excited to see what those boys come up with next.

Holiday destination
It’s still Zakynthos in Greece, and I think it always will be – but I still intend to explore the rest of the world, too. Zakynthos is my second home, and the place where my heart really belongs. I feel at my very best when I’m there, and that’s a very addictive sensation.

Max! He’s my eight-year-old Bolognese dog. There is no greater creature in all of the universe and I love him so much – even when he wets my bed on purpose and hides from moths.

I’ve already mentioned Rupert Grint, haven’t I? Ha! But seriously, it has to be my mum. She’s my biggest champion, best friend and first-draft reader. Plus, she continually makes me howl with laughter.

Place to write
I sat writing my third novel on a balcony in Zakynthos this summer with a view of the mountains and the sun on my face – that was pretty special.

Autumn – it’s the prettiest and the best for dog walks. It’s also the only season that I’d rather be here in the UK than anywhere else. Britain really can't do summer, but it wins at autumn.

Inspirational quote
“The ones that love us, never really leave us” – JK Rowling. Told you she was a goddess.

Thing in the whole world
That’s easy – laughter!

Bio: Isabelle Broom is an author of escapist romantic fiction, which is very kindly published by Penguin Michael Joseph. When she's not writing novels, she looks after the book reviews at heat magazine and tries to get her dog to play chase in the parks of north London.

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Thank you so much Isabelle for being our first guest on our brand new feature,
My Favourite Things

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