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Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Redemption Song by Laura Wilkinson

If you lost everything in one night, what would you do?

Saffron is studying for a promising career in medicine until a horrific accident changes her life for ever. Needing to escape London, she moves to a small coastal town to live with her mother. Saffron hates the small town existence and feels trapped until she meets Joe, another outsider. Despite initial misgivings, they grow closer to each other as they realise they have a lot in common. Like Saffron, Joe has a complicated past … one that’s creeping up on his present. Can Joe escape his demons for long enough to live a normal life – and can Saffron reveal the truth about what really happened on that fateful night? Love is the one thing they need most, but will they – can they – risk it?
Redemption Song is a captivating, insightful look at what happens when everything goes wrong – and the process of putting the pieces back together again.

Title:               Redemption Song
Author:           Laura Wilkinson
Published By: Accent Press
Date:               28th January2016
Link:               UK: Amazon US: Amazon

My Review

My first impression of this book was that I fell in love with the beautiful cover and I thought the title was very interesting.
The book is based in a small Welsh village, the characters all started off being very subdued and with good reason. Rain, a minister in a Baptist church was still in mourning after the loss of her husband in a car accident but was trying to rebuild her life with the help of her faith and her sense of duty to the community. Her daughter Saffron not only lost her father in the accident but also her fiancĂ© and eventually had to drop out of medical school due to depression. She and her mother were basically just existing until Joe turns up, he is a very handsome builder who is not a native of the village but something about him doesn't add up for Saffron and she is keen to discover what he is hiding. Both mother and daughter fancy him so it was interesting to see whether he would choose one of them.
I thought all of the main characters were likeable but very insular and as the story unfolds we find out why, they are all harbouring their own secrets and some have guilty confessions, when the issues are all untangled Saffron finally begins to unleash her feelings, only to have them trodden on by further revelations.
Beautifully written at a very relaxed pace with twists and turns and a good build up of tension when the secrets start to unravel. Personally I would have preferred the pace a little quicker at the beginning but the pace did increase with the tension and I did enjoy the story very much.

Thanks to Laura Wilkinson for the advanced copy in exchange for an honest review.

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About the Author

Laura Wilkinson
I grew up in a Welsh market town and now live in Brighton with my husband and two boys. As well as writing fiction, I work as a mentor and editor for The Writing Coach and literary consultancy, Cornerstones.

Find out more here: or follow me on Twitter: @ScorpioScribble. I love to hear from readers.

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