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Friday, 1 June 2018

Sunshine & Sweetpeas on Nightingale Square by Heidi Swain

Kate is on the run from her almost-divorced husband who is determined to have her back, and she has found the perfect place to hide... a little cottage on Nightingale Square in Norwich, far away from her old life in London. But the residents of Nightingale Square don't take no for an answer, and Kate soon finds herself pulled into a friendship with Lisa, her bossy but lovely new neighbour.

Within a matter of days Kate is landed with the job of campaigning the council to turn the green into a community garden, meanwhile all the residents of Nightingale Square are horrified to discover that the Victorian mansion house on the other side of the square has been bought by developers. But when all hope is lost, the arrival of a handsome stranger is sure to turn things around!

Heidi Swain is the perfect summer read - you'll want to find your own green space, stretch out in the sun and dive into life at Nightingale Square.

Title:  Sunshine & Sweetpeas in Nightingale Square
Author: Heidi Swain
Published by: Simon & Schuster
Publication Date:  31st May 2018
Links: UK: Amazon   US: Amazon

Our Review

This book was an absolute delight to read and I can safely say it is my favourite so far.

The story focuses on Kate who moves away from the fictional village of Wynbridge, which features in all of Heidi's other novels, to leave behind a failed relationship and as soon as she finds the little cottage on Nightingale Square I immediately felt at home there and wished I could move in.

I found the story intriguing in parts and was flicking the pages quickly to try and find out what was behind the history of Prosperous Place the mansion which was on Nightingale Square, which sounded amazing.

I fell in love with Luke the hero and found some of the conversations he had with Kate really quite funny. I also really liked the new friends that Kate had made in her new neighbourhood and thoroughly enjoyed being on her journey with her as she settled into her new place.
I also enjoyed the trip back to The Cherry Tree cafe which featured in Heidi's first novel.

Reading this book about love, friendship and second chances is as lovely as that special time when spring turns into summer and will guarantee you a cosy warm feeling inside.

If you haven't read the other books by this author then why not? This one could be read as a standalone but you really should read all the others too.

Heartily recommended.

Book Angel x

About the Author

Although passionate about writing from an early age, Heidi Swain gained a degree in Literature, flirted briefly with a newspaper career, married and had two children before she finally plucked up the courage to join a creative writing class and take her literary ambitions seriously.

A lover of Galaxy bars, vintage paraphernalia and the odd bottle of fizz, she writes contemporary fiction and enjoys the company of a whole host of feisty female characters.

Heidi is now a Sunday Times Best-selling author who lives in stunning south Norfolk with her wonderful family and a mischievous cat called Storm.

Her debut novel, The Cherry Tree Cafe, was published on July 16th, 2015 and became an Amazon bestseller.

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