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Tuesday, 18 July 2017

The Breakdown by B.A Paris

‘A psychological page-turner’ – Good Housekeeping

If you can’t trust yourself, who can you trust?

It all started that night in the woods.
Cass Anderson didn’t stop to help the woman in the car, and now she’s dead.
Ever since, silent calls have been plaguing Cass and she’s sure someone is watching her.
Consumed by guilt, she’s also starting to forget things. Whether she took her pills, what her house alarm code is – and if the knife in the kitchen really had blood on it.
Bestselling author B A Paris is back with a brand new psychological thriller full of twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Title: The Breakdown
Author: B.A Paris
Published By: HQ
Publication Date: 9th Feb
Links: UK:  Amazon   US: Amazon

Our Review

Cass Anderson is on her way home one night during a storm and is warned by her husband not to take a certain shortcut as it was too dangerous. However she is more scared of the storm and wants to get home quicker so takes the shortcut anyway and sees a woman in a car which is parked in a layby. She tries to stop to offer to help but becomes scared incase it's a trap and goes home. The next day she is horrified to find that the woman has been murdered but feels she can't tell anyone as her husband had specifically told her not to go that way. The longer she doesn't tell the police the more scared she becomes and eventually she is eaten up with guilt because she  feels that the woman would still be alive if she'd stopped to help.
As if this problem isn't bad enough she has also been incredibly forgetful and suspects that like her mother she is developing early onset dementia, this is incredibly upsetting for her and instead of confiding in her husband Matthew she tries in vain to cover up the ever worsening symptoms.
I really liked Cass as a character but felt she got herself into a lot of trouble by trying to hide things.
When she visited the doctor with her symptoms and was prescribed the medication I really felt for her as she felt that her situation was hopeless.
The book was gripping all the way through and the fear of the journey home at the beginning was almost tangible.
I would like to say I guessed who did it but really I guessed three people and it was one of those.
It was a cleverly woven psychological thriller which got the adrenaline running as I read it.
This is the second book I've enjoyed from this author and I'm eagerly anticipating the third.

Book Angel x

About the Author 

B A Paris is the internationally bestselling author of Behind Closed Doors, her debut novel. She was brought up in England and moved to France where she spent some years working in Finance before re-training as a teacher and setting up a language school with her husband. They still live in France and have five daughters. Her second novel, The Breakdown is out now.

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