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Monday, 5 September 2016

Extract from The Ex Factor by Eva Woods

In The Ex Factor by Eva Woods, we watch as four friends try a new experiment: Freecycling their exes. After all, just because he wasn’t a good fit for you doesn’t mean that your friend won’t like him right? What could possibly go wrong?

Marnie, Helen, Ani and Rosa are about to find out just how…awkward this could all get. Especially as the four girls haven’t all been together in quite a long time – do they really know each other well enough to go through with this?

Title:        The Ex Factor
Author:    Eva Woods
Published By: Mira
Date:        Sept 8th 2016
Link:        UK: Amazon   US: Amazon

Here at Sincerely Book Angels we are delighted to be taking part in the Ex Factor blog tour, see below for an extract from the book which was kindly shared with us by those lovely people at HQStories.

The Ex Factor Extract

Ani was looking at the menu. ‘Well, should we order? Oh, surprise, surprise, pulled pork. Tell me this, is there any un-pulled pork in the whole of London right now?’
Helen was starting to feel anxious, checking the time, when she realised—like the night bus you wait for so long you slip into a sort of hallucinatory state—Marnie was there.
There was something about Marnie. A shimmer in the air around her. Even though Rosa was sad and Helen was worried and Ani was tired, all three of them looked up as she came in, and one by one they smiled.
She was thin, was Helen’s first thought. Thin, and incredibly pale given she’d been travelling, and she’d cut her strawberry-blonde-copper-ginger hair into a short crop. It would have made someone else look like a dinner lady, but on Marnie it was cute, child-like yet sexy. She was wearing a vast cape, which again came out more catwalk trend than ‘Little Red Riding Hood: the London Years’, and a short dress the colour of sunshine. Her big green eyes flicked over them, faltered. ‘Guys, I’m late—I’m not used to the tube…’
Helen was on her feet, gathering her up. ‘Never mind. You’re here!’ Marnie smelled like she always did, of exotic spices and airport lounges. For a moment, Helen felt the name hover between them. Would Marnie mention Ed? God, she hoped not.
Marnie’s arms met behind Helen’s back, and she pulled away, staring. ‘Oh my God! Look at you!’
Helen blushed. ‘Oh. Yeah.’
‘How come you didn’t tell me?’
Helen didn’t say: Er, maybe because I haven’t heard from you in months. She said, ‘Oh, it’s no big deal. I just joined a gym and stuff.’
‘Um, hello, you must have lost, what—three stone?’
‘Four,’ said Ani. ‘She looks amazing, doesn’t she? Hey, it’s great to see you.’ Ani was on her feet now too, embracing the other side of Marnie, and Rosa draped herself over them, so the four women were enmeshed in a kind of eight-armed hug monster.
Marnie squeezed Ani: ‘God, you look like a grown-up, I love the suit,’ then kissed Rosa’s wan cheek: ‘Sweetie, I’m so sorry about David. I want to hear everything.’ Soon they were sitting down, and the waiter, suddenly happy and smiling after the application of Marnie’s magic smile and her warm, ‘Hi! How’s your day been?’ was bringing extra pickled eggs and sneaking them popcorn in little tin buckets.
‘Pulled pork,’ said Marnie, looked at the menu. ‘What’s that? Sounds like what they used to put in the ‘mystery meat’ sandwiches at primary school. I’m not paying £17.99 for school dinners, they can do one.’
The others burst out laughing. ‘Marnie,’ said Ani, raising her jam-jar cocktail. ‘London has missed you.’

Can't wait to read this.

Book Angel x

About the Author

Eva Woods lives in London, where she writes and teaches creative writing. She likes wine, pop music, and holidays, and thinks online dating is like the worst board game ever invented.

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