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Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Blogger/Author Shenanigans 19th March 2016

When Kim Nash from Bookouture sent out an invitation to a blogger/author meet up I just knew I had to go, especially as it was on the 19th March which was my first year blogaversary. The various messages and tweets about the event created quite a buzz on social media and I thought it was hilarious when Kim decided to call it 'Shenanigans'

I got to the Waiting Room not long after twelve and there were about twenty to thirty people there already, I felt really comfortable when I arrived as I knew quite a few of the other bloggers there and had spent some time with them on Wednesday at the fab Simon & Schuster event. Then lovely Kim came over and introduced herself, I have to call her a wicked temptress as she is always suggesting great books for us bloggers to devour.

All of the people I met were so lovely, I sat with Kirsty, Laura and Adele at the beginning and lots of lovely authors came up to introduce themselves to us with postcards and bookmarks advertising their books, one even had a chocolate bunny on it which was yummy thank you Giselle Green.

Author/Blogger Vicki Bowles soon joined us and we were able to discuss the RNA's New writers' scheme with a lovely lady called Janet Gover who is an author and is responsible for maintaining the RNA's website. She told us all about the conference and was very entertaining and friendly, I thoroughly enjoyed chatting to her.

We were then joined by Heidi Swain who I first met last year at Simon & Schuster when she was a fledgling novelist with her first book, The Cherry Tree Café. She has since gone from strength to strength and has been signed up for three more books. It's been amazing watching Heidi on this journey and I wish her every success with the new books.
I also met up with two very sparkly ladies, Jan Brigden and Sue Fortin of the award winning Romaniacs

Other novelists included Kerry Fisher, Leigh Russell, Jean Fullerton, Tom Bale, T.A Williams, Holly Martin, Christie Barlow and so many more. I was so pleased to see Isabelle Broom join us near the end of the event. Her new book 'My Map of You' will be published on 21st April and I'm lucky enough to have read it and loved it.

There must have been over eighty people there in the end and it was pretty noisy, I only wish I'd been able to talk to more people but there just wasn't enough time.
Thank you so much to Kim Nash and Holly Martin for arranging this excellent event for us, it was the perfect way for me to celebrate my first year of blogging and I simply can't wait to do it all again.

Book Angel x


  1. It was wonderful to meet you - great round up! Lxxx

    1. Thanks Laura. Looking forward to catching up again x x

  2. Now I'm even more jealous that I couldn't make this one!

    1. Such a shame you couldn't make it. See you again soon I hope x x