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Monday, 28 September 2015

Addicted by Nigel May

Fame, fortune and five-star luxury. Meet four fabulous women – all of them hold a dark secret… one of them won’t live to tell the tale. 
Nancy Arlow – the fading entertainer determined to gamble and charm her way out of a mountain of debt. 
Laura Everett– behind the façade of the perfect politician’s wife lies a woman with an outrageous past and a spiraling drug habit. 
Portia Safari– the world famous opera diva, adored by millions, has it all, but could her secret drinking problem cost her everything? 
Martha Éclair– The millionaire wine heiress whose appetite for kinky sex could bring down her father’s business empire. 
Each woman must face their own addiction before they pay the ultimate price… 
Switch off your phone, grab a glass of bubbly and escape into an outrageous word of thrills, glamour and passion. You’ll be addicted… 

Author: Nigel May
Title: Addicted
Publishers: Bookouture
Publication Date: 12th May 2014
Link: Uk: Amazon   US: Amazon

My Review

Addicted is about four beautiful glamorous women who live enviable lives surrounded by glitz and glamour. However having everything isn't enough for these ladies and they each succumb to an addiction that threatens to destroy their lives and leave them susceptible to blackmail. Lauren is married to an up and coming politician Saul but she harbours an ambition to be the next superstar pop singer but her new manager Dale introduces her to cocaine with potentially catastrophic results.

Martha is a rich heiress to a South African wine empire and her addiction is wild unadulterated sex, she is spiraling out of control until she meets her match whose identity is hidden behind a mask. 

Portia is a famous opera star with a penchant for alcohol which gets out of hand until she reunited with the love of her life and realises that to plan the perfect wedding and be happy she must give up her vices.

Last but not least is nasty narcissistic Nancy who is addicted to gambling and kleptomania, as you can probably tell by her description she was one of my least favourite characters along with Nathan Spilsbury. 

I think that the reason Nancy is the worst character is because the others' addictions only really harm themselves but Nancy insists on hurting everyone around her.

The womens' lives all become inextricably linked when visiting the Abbey for treatment of their addictions and their men make life even more complicated.

I did get a little confused at the beginning as to who every body was and I didn't really like the characters apart from Lauren and Portia, however once I got used to who everyone was and what their addictions were I found that I raced through the story and as the action started to flow I was carried along with the characters as they wreaked there revenge on their enemies I finally warmed to Martha the nymphomaniac too but Nancy was horrible. It is a skilled writer who can make us fall in love with characters or make us hate them. 

The action is fast and the sex is dirty. You will be addicted to this book and the eye opening antics of the characters.

I really enjoyed the book which definitely has a feel of the late great Jackie Collins about it and am very much looking forward to reading Nigel's other books, Scandalous Lies and Trinity.

Thanks to Bookouture for the review copy.

Book Angel x

About the Author

Nigel May
Nigel May has been described as "the UK's male Jackie Collins" and is an author, TV host and journalist. His three fiction novels have all been published by Bookouture.

His first glam fiction novel was TRINITY, an action-packed blockbuster (or bonkbuster) about the lives of the rich and famous. Glamour, beauty, fame and celebrity mix with murder, intrigue and danger to create an explosive novel which gained incredible reviews and fans across the globe. His follow-up was the glitz-meets-grit whodunit ADDICTED which was also a huge success and once again dived into the diamond-dipped world of the mega-rich but showed that all of the money and fame in the world do not always make for a happy ending. His third novel SCANDALOUS LIES is steeped in secrets, sin, sex and scandal and takes readers around the world as a mysterious celebrity disappearance is investigated. His books have been Amazon best sellers, read by celebrities and fellow authors alike, and have proved that a man can successfully write in a 'bonkbuster world' that has always been a strongly female domain.

Nigel was the only male writer amongst 44 authors featured in the chart-topping, beach-read anthology of short-stories SUNLOUNGER. He also contributed a short story to SUNLOUNGER 2.

On television he regularly presents on UK shopping channels where he has built up a substantial following. He has also featured on Channel 4, C5, ITV and broadcast live from America. He is also one of the UK's most popular craft personalities, having launched his own successful range, A-May-Zing.

As a writer he has written for many of the UK's most successful magazines and newspapers, specialising in showbiz and celebrity, as well as writing on subjects ranging from relationships through to exotic travel.

Follow him on Twitter @Nigel_May

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