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Thursday, 19 March 2015

My first ever Spring Bloggers Evening at Books and the City!

My first ever Spring Blogger Evening at Books and the City

I have to admit I wasn't really sure what a Spring Blogger Evening was when I received the invitation from Sara-Jade but as part of #teammilly I knew I couldn't miss it for the world as I would be able to meet one of my all time favourite authors 'Milly Johnson'. I have been making efforts to step outside of my comfort zone lately, so feeling a little shy and nervous I managed to pluck up the courage to attend. 
Authors from l-r Andy Jones, Milly Johnson, Iona Grey and Jane Costello
When I arrived it seemed like everyone else knew each other but I was soon put at ease as Sara-Jade from BATC was so friendly and welcoming and showed us up to the first floor to a lovely reception of tea, coffee and posh biscuits. I soon discovered that most of the other guests were in fact bloggers, many of whom also had full time jobs, I wondered why it had taken me so long to discover this amazing new world and realised that along with being an aspiring writer and studying to be a Professional Photographer I now wanted to be a blogger too. 
Time for a well deserved glass of fizz
I wholeheartedly enjoyed the evening, it was fascinating to hear established writers Milly Johnson and Jane Costello talk about their new releases; Afternoon Tea at the Sunflower Cafe tells a tale of revenge on a cheating husband by a woman who gives up chocolate after realising it tasted of nothing but his deceit. Written in the style that Milly does best, heartbreak, humour and that little element of magic that we have come to know and love.
 Jane's 'The Love Shack' is a story of a happy couple who fall in love with the house of their dreams but can only afford it if they move in with his mum. Trials and tribulations ensue and lots of humour, including a mention of a hairy bum which had the audience laughing out loud. I am looking forward to reading Jane's whole back catalogue as well as the new release.

The introduction of three new authors with their debut novels was lovely and so inspiring; 

Iona Grey - Letters to the lost, is a historical novel about a love affair that took place during the second world war and how sixty years later a young girl tries to help reunite the lovers before it's too late. This novel promises to be an emotional tearjerker; 

Andy Jones - The Two of us, is a story with lots of twists about a couple who have fallen in love and now start to get to know each other but will they like what they discover? and can they stay together? A heartbreaking novel of life and love and how we should appreciate both. 

And Heidi Swain - The Cherry Tree Cafe, introduces Lizzie who's life is falling apart so she moves back home to find her sewing skills will be an invaluable asset in preparation for the grand opening of her friend's cafe. With cake, crafts and two love interests on the cards this book is not to be missed.
Me with Milly x
 After a Q and A session the authors signed our books for us and chatted and we all enjoyed nibbles, cake and fizz whilst filling our amazing goody bags with lots of lovely books. The team at Books in the City were all so friendly and welcoming and I had a brilliant time. I really hope I'm invited again as there is something very special about listening to an author reading from their own book. I feel so privileged to have been able to enjoy that experience and it's certainly made me want to rush out and buy all five books as soon as they are released over the next few months. A huge thank you to all those involved   
BookAngel x x 


  1. I think I took your photo lol. Glad you had a fab time xx

  2. Hi, yes you did thank you. It was a great evening xx